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Jeffrey Chain
 Ramsey Products

A fluid coupling suitable for soft starting high inertia machinery with reduced current demand, controlled acceleration and torque with drive overload protection.
Features :
Fluid soft start available up to 700kW
Flexible coupling and vee pulley designs as standard for design flexibility.
Soft start allows the motor to accelerate on low load
Allows standard squirrel cage motors
Delay fill version extends acceleration time and reduces start up torque

Anti-runback clutch used on holdback, indexing and over running applications.

Features :
No backlash, giving positive action.
Long life means low maintenance costs.
Enhanced performance from optimized sprag profile design.
Compact design, yet high torque.
Interchangeability means no re-engineering.

Air operated, disconnecting clutches available as elements only or as coupling drive package.\

Features :
Constricting and expanding types activated by standard factory air supply
Clutch or brake types available for flexible design choice.
Air flow control allowing reaction time to be adjusted, therefore protecting all machinery types.

Sprag Clutches – The Precise Solution
Backstop types preventing drive reversals
Over running and index types
No backlash giving positive action
Interchangeability means no re-engineering

Sprag Clutch Coupling

Two versions available using Pinflex and Gearflex coupling for total flexibility on shaft to shaft transmission drives.

SO series clutch combined with Pinflex coupling allowing for angular, parallel and axial misalignment.
Absorbs vibration and shock loads.
SO series clutch with two flexible half Gearflex coupling forming a short cardan shaft accommodating parallel and angular misalignment.
Flexible shaft connection for overrunning barring drive applications
Grease lubricated clutch used as standard for high overrunning speeds and infrequent maintenance.
Allows larger shaft sizes to be used.
Pinflex clutch uses all steel coupling half bodies for compactness combined with strength
Gearflex clutch uses all steel double engagement coupling for maximum flexibility
Barring drives
Dual drive systems- overrunning
Power generator sets
Packing machinery
Textile industries
Fan drives
Steel works
Mining industries
General industrial application
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