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Jeffrey Chain
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Key Features:
Close control of material specifications to ensure consistent response to heat treatment
Renold’s new improved plate profile ensures optimum stress distribution for greater reliability
Fatigue life is enhanced by shot peening and other pre-stressing processes on plates, bushes and rollers
Renold’s special holing processes for oilfield chain were specifically developed to give improved fatigue resistance while minimizing susceptibility to stress corrosion cracking.
Bearing pins undergo customized heat treatment and surface finish operations to ensure unsurpassed toughness and wear life
Closely controlled tolerances ensure smooth robust running even at high speeds.
Specially formulated factory lubrication gives substantially better initial wear performance and enhanced corrosion resistance.
Detachable chains for ease of fitting and replacement
All chains are proof loaded before packing in durable containers
Roll pins standard for extra security


Key Features:
All Renold chains manufacturing and assembly processes are monitored by Statistical process control in conformance with ISO 9000 Quality systems
Consistent overall tolerances make it ideal for conveying systems requiring precise alignment on multi-strand chain layout.
Maximum chain strength and resistance to wear are achieved by strict control of the material specification, and by using state of the art heat treatment processes
Special materials selected for the unique combination of demands from the cement industries.
Fatigue life is improved by maintaining precise fits and tolerances between the pins, bushes and side plates
Chain and sprocket life are optimized by the rigid control of pitch accuracy, resulting in excellent gearing, lower friction and reduced wear.
Bush and roller life are maximized by controlling the concentricity of these components and careful selection and control of the heat treatment process
Breaking loads exceed the minimum international standards, and chains are able to be supplied with breaking loads up to a maximum of 5000kN
Strict control of inner and outer plate clearance ensures effective lubricant penetration. Renold’s use of specially formulated lubricants provides maximum protection and thus minimum wear
Installation and maintenance guides available.

Key Features:
Correct chain selection is essential for optimum performance. Renold’s experienced sales, production and design staff are always available to advise on particular products and applications
Close control of material tolerances ensures excellent resistance to high shock loads
The performance of Renold conveyor chain is ensured by a programmed of continuous testing and quality control of component dimensions, fits and material properties
Breaking loads exceed the minimum international standards
Close control of material specifications to ensure consistent response to heat treatment
Unparallel pitch accuracy ensures smooth operation and low noise

Key Features:
Rugged, robust design to maximize durability
Special heat treatment and stress reducing process maximize resistance to shock loading
Attachment fitting is varied to match load specification.
Optimum zinc coating thickness for corrosion protection
Special water repelling grease to ensure smooth running
Bespoke design service available as required
Renold Theme Park installation, maintenance and safety manual is available a must for all installers and maintainers of chain
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