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Jeffrey Chain
 Ramsey Products


Bucket elevators are used in various processes in the cement industry to raise materials typically 30 to 40 metres. Some of these may be belt and bucket type, others will be chain type. The size and type of chain will depend on the height and duty of the levator but output can reach 450 m3/hr. Chains range from 136kN to 1000kN breaking load.


These have buckets fixed to one or two strands of chain. The buckets are shaped so that when passing over the headwheel the back of each bucket acts as a chute for material discharged from the following bucket. Feeding of the elevator is achieved by a loading leg or chute.


Steel Thimble Roller Drive Chain
represents the highest quality in chain construction. Short pitches, ranging from 1.500 to 7.00 inches, are adapted to general driving service. They are available in offset or straight side bar types, and in various qualities of metals to suit operating requirements.

Type WS Welded Steel Drag Chains
are designed to ct as a substitute, or replacement, for any application where cast chains of the same pitch and details have not given satisfactory performance.

Draw Bench Type Chains
are made of high grade alloy steels, accurately machined and scientifically heat-treated. They are especially adapted to withstand the severe service of the draw bench in steel mills.


GRAY IRON is usually used fro non-abrasive, lightly loaded, and slow speed applications. For more severe applications, the wearing surfaces may be chilled to produce a hard, white iron surface to a depth of about 3/8 inches.

DUCTILE IRON, also known as nodular iron, fills the gap between gray cast iron and cast steel. It has the castability and machinability of cast iron, while maintaining the engineering properties of cast steel. The wearing surface may be flame or induction hardened for increased wear life in abrasive conditions.

CAST STEEL and STEELCARVE® (fabricated) types are used in applications requiring high torque and / or shock loading. Flame hardening of the wearing surfaces provides added wear life in abrasive conditions.

In addition to the above materials, others may be provided for special a application which is as follows:

1. Chainsaver Sprockets
2. Hunting Tooth Sprockets
3. Permalife Sprockets
4. Sectional Rim Sprockets and Traction Wheels
5. Split Sprockets and Traction Wheels
6. Side Extension Sprockets and Traction Wheels
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