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Jeffrey Chain
 Ramsey Products

The Renold Carter Hydrostatic Variable speed unit has an infinitely variable speed range of 27:1 and a power capacity of up to 30KW.
Features and Benefit:
Totally enclosed drive unit suitable for use in all hostile environments.
Electronic, Pneumatic or Manual speed controls for all design demands.
Accurate speed holding under varying load conditions allowing suitability for all drives applications.
High starting torque for use on all heavy duty machinery.
Overload protection available for machinery safety.
Dynamic braking as standard.
Suitable for use in explosion proof areas.
Cement mill
Conveyor drives
Water treatment
Food machinery
Material handling
Bottling machinery
Petro chemical
Power generation
Printing and paper

RENOLD carter variable speed units have a variable speed range from 5.5:1 to 8.75:1 depending on unit size and a power capacity of up to 22KW from stock and up to 110KW available on request.

Features and Benefits:
Universal mounting in ‘U’ and ‘Z’ configurations offering wide design flexibility.
Suitable for operation in most hostile and explosion proof areas.
Wide range of speed controls suitable for most drive application
Accepts standard IEC and NEMA motors for simple spares replacement.
Quiet running and robust transmission for arduous conditions.
Long life oil resistant, anti static belts with internal groove for efficient and quiet operation.
Fully balanced pulleys with self lubrication for maintenance free running.

Agitator / Mixtures
Pump Drives
Food and Drink
Printing and paper
Water treatment
Wood working
General Industrial Application

RENOLD carter Disc variable speed units offer an infinitely varieble speed adjustment across a 5:1 speed range upto 9.2KW power capacity.

Features and Benefits:
Speed holding of + 0.5% at maximum speed suitable for accurate drive transmission
Totally enclosed case construction suitable for use in most hostile environment.
Accepts standard IEC and NEMA motors allowing design flexibility for the most economical selection.
Good service life, minimal service needs.
High torque capacity throughout the speed range and particularly at low speeds.
Good speed holding under varying load conditions suitable for most drive applications
Low noise emission suitable for use in quite environmental conditions.
Food process machinery
Pump drives
echanical handling
achine tools
Printing and paper
Packaging machines
General industrial applications
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