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Jeffrey Chain
 Ramsey Products
  A range of electronic AC control systems up to 37kW (50HP) capacity as standard, from a single and 3 phase supply.
Available as digital and multi-parameter facility covering most control applications.

Simple to use with user friendly programming
Package solutions with all other Renold gear products
Optiwand remote control programming
Communication module option available
Technical Specifications:
3 programmable digital inputs
1 bipolar analogue input (voltage or current) with 12 bits resolution
1 programmable analogue output (current or frequency) with 10 bits resolution
1 programmable output relay
Analogue input updating cycle < 8ms
Galvanic insulation of all control terminals>2.5kV
Protection against digital output short-circuits
Constant torque or fan/pump curve
4 pre-selected speeds
Automatic reset and restart
Skip frequency
Internal brake unit (for sizes 2,3,4)
Silent motor (effective switching frequency32 kHz)
Integrated RFI filter options
CE marked for low voltage directives
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