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Jeffrey Chain
 Ramsey Products

Heavy duty all metal coupling giving maximum power capacity within minimum space envelope and excellent mis-alignment capability.
Features :
Single and double arrangement , standard and heavy-duty series types up to 60,000kW capacity.
AGMA standard, therefore interchangeable and cost effective.
Crowned and barreled teeth for optimum contact and long life.
Mill motor, sheer pin and telescopic designs to give design suitability for demanding applications.

A medium power torsionally flexible coupling combining shock absorbing and mis-alignment capacity for use in the widest range of industries and application.

Mis-alignment capabilities allow flexibility in installation.
Optional fire retardant anti static element for use in flameproof environment.
High torque capacity, yet compact design.
Taper bush and multiple bore option mean reduced stock.

A range of highly flexible coupling offering excellent mis-alignment capacity and suitable to absorb both shock loads and vibrations.

Features :
Standard fire retardant, anti static elements up to size TY 100.
Interchangeability means no re-engineering.
Pump spacer option for easy pump maintenance.

An all metal flexible coupling providing a high torque capacity with compact design.

Features :
Torsionally stiff for use a positive drive connection.
Easy installation for ease of maintenasnce.
Mis-alignment capacity up to 0.50mm offset and 4mm float.


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